For more than 15 years we research and develop industrial products for clean water - filtration and purification - water treatment plants used by people and goverments all over the world.


IWET - Industrial water and environmental technology.

Company IWET a.s. is a purely Czech parent company which is represented exclusively by Czech capital. Founded in 1999, the company brings together professionals who have for decades engaged in the development and implementation of technologies to purify water in more than 15 countries around the world. Further, our company continued the tradition of Czech industrial enterprises, which are well known in most countries of the world.

IWET a.s. specializes in the development, production and installation of technologies intended for purification and preparation of potable and clean industrial water. When designing and supplying installations we leverage decades of experience and use products which are developed and manufactured in our production complex.

All the products of IWET a.s. have valid certificates ISO: 14000, .

IWET a.s. is a recognized specialist with a long tradition. This is mainly due to the individual approach to the construction and design of technological processes and the optimal and efficient technologic solutions. Thanks to our engineers and specialists, we guarantee a professional approach to solving problems. In the Czech market, our customers are cities, towns and industrial enterprises.

Our company sells and exports many orders; most importantly in regions where there is a lack of drinking water. For example, Spain, Morocco, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia-Siberia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, etc.

For our customers, we develop and supply equipment for the preparation of drinking water and for cleaning industrial water so that they meet strict European and world water quality standards in various industries.

Sources for preparing drinking water for IWET water treatment stations can be underground and surface water.

Since 2004, our company has been developing mobile water treatment stations in various modifications of IWET CONCEPT RWT "river-well technology" (RIVER-WELL TECHNOLOGY). It is a technology we are constantly improving in accordance with the newest standards in the professional field, so that they meet the specific needs of our customers and could work in extreme conditions around the world.

The main production line of IWET is compact drinking water treatment plants that are mounted in a standard ISO sea container. These stations are very easy to transport and can be put into operation very quickly. The entire technological process of these stations is fully automated - it is controlled by the new-generation Czech industrial computer AMIT. All IWET CONCEPT water treatment stations require minimum operational maintenance.


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Company IWET a.s. is a purely CZECH COMPANY represented exclusively by Czech capital. Built on a long tradition of Czech industrial enterprises, which are known in most countries of the world.

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