For more than 15 years we research and develop industrial products for clean water - filtration and purification - water treatment plants used by people and goverments all over the world.

Specification of water treatment module RWT IWET CONCEPT 1X MODULE

  1. ISO container 20 'Ft
  2. The main water pump station is controlled by computer c AMIT and frequency converter (regulation and control of station, depending on the quality of source water and the need to complement drinking water at tank)
  3. Reverse valve, preventing pressure drop in the station during a stop.
  4. Hydro cyclone stainless steel Germany - special system IWET CONCEPT Anti cavitation.
  5. High-quality induction water meter, producer Czech Republic.
  6. 2 pcs. parallel fully automatic disc filters with a diameter of 250 mm (do not switched off during the washing process).
  7. Ozone generator, made in Czech Republic, with a capacity of 15g/h with fine adjustment needs of ozone.
  8. Ozone reactor with double special dosing diffuser IWET CONCEPT to fully saturate water with ozone.
  9. Excess ozone destructor IWET CONCEPT Systems.
  10. Static mixer, stainless steel, Germany IWET CONCEPT injection systems with (6 x Blending barrier) with dosing of reagent.
  11. The two stage turbo mixer, stainless steel, Germany, IWET CONCEPT systems, anti-cavitation system, 2000 revolution/min.,anti-vibration dampers.
  12. Three stage flocculation chamber stainless steel, Germany IWET CONCEPT with mixer and active slowing down flocculation system.
  13. 3pcs chamber filter, Germany stainless steel, 800 mm diameter, IWET CONCEPT. Filter sand+carbon, (exchange 1 times 8 years) with Special Flushing system, against each other. This system does not use drinking water for flushing filters. (Consumption water for flushing is about 1.2 - 2% water !! !! ) A special system of washing out filler, when replaced.
  14. 2 pcs. carbonic chamber filter Germany stainless steel system IWET CONCEPT, diameter 800mm and 1100mm with double protection against washing out of the filler. Filler active carbon, with Special Flushing system, against each other. This system does not use drinking water for flushing filters. (Consumption water for flushing is about 1.2 - 2% water!! !! ) A special system of washing out filler, when replaced.
  15. The static mixer, stainless steel Germany, the system Injection IWET CONC E PT (4 x blending barrier).
  16. Electrical control valve Germany 25mm, controlled by the Czech computer AMIT (special Software IWET CONCEPT). Automatic adjustment of pressure forfeit.
  17. The UV lamp 180 W Lamps - Germany (casing - Stainless steel).
  18. Independent regulation of Ph controlled by computer AMIT CZ (in current process, 2 x change pH).
  19. 4 pcs of control sensors (Italy) for perfect dosing of chemical reagents (2pcs of Redox, 2 pcs of Ph)
  20. 5 pcs positions for dosing of chemical reagents, controlled by computer AMIT CZ.
  21. 5 pcs. High-quality dosing pump for reagents.
  22. Special system controls the level of reagents, controlled by computer AMIT CZ with remote warning of operator about the need to add reagents.
  23. Compact laboratory Germany, including reagents and foto spectrometer.
  24. Set of spare parts and a set of tools that allow you to make all possible repairs work without outside help.
  25. Remote transmission of data over the Internet allows dispatchers and operators to manage the equipment remotely. The current screens can be shared to the computer or mobile phone of the support team. This enables remote help of an IWET specialist for troubleshooting, complete information about the status and the technical condition of the equipment, the level of purified water in the tank, information about the amount of reagents in reservoirs and notifications via email or SMS if reagents are running-out.
  26. Special system IWET CONCEPT - Power transformer, without having a neutral conductor, a system that neutralizes voltage fluctuations and protect computers, software and other electronics of damage.
  27. High quality air valves, not needing service. Compressor Czech Republic
  28. Solenoid valves with visual (diode) control of switching on for rapid assessment state.
  29. Measuring of temperature of incoming water to manage water preparation process by computer AMIT CZ.
  30. Measuring of the temperature inside station is for heating control, protects against freezing.
  31. Internal camera system inside the station.
  32. External lighthouse and siren for warning operator about disorder or small amount of reagents.
  33. Emergency computer system for shutdown station at the case of disorder or lack of water inlet (prevents damage of the equipment of the station).
  34. Automatic start system IWET CONCEPT is fully automatic system, which will turn on operation without intervention of operator, only based on the level on water in accumulation tank.
  35. System "Water start" IWET CONCEPT !!! - if the station is in standby position at more, then six hours, then it first will wash the filters and return the water to the raw water reservoir. That is why; the quality of drinking water in tank will not be devalued by stale water from filters.


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Company IWET a.s. is a purely CZECH COMPANY represented exclusively by Czech capital. Built on a long tradition of Czech industrial enterprises, which are known in most countries of the world.

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